Module 2

Module 2: Resilience of a System

Resilience explores how people and nature can use shocks and disturbances such as climate change to initiate renewal and innovative thinking. In fact, evolution demonstrates this. Some species will adapt and continue to survive, others will not. By enhancing the resilience of ecosystems, including agricultural systems, we are assisting these systems adjust to changes brought upon them, including those due to climate change. In this module, you will find resources that explore the concept of resilience.

Module 2 Session Recording

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Module 2 Resources

Toward resilient food systems through increased agricultural diversity

Addresses not only biodiversity’s role in resilience, but also resilience offered by local food production systems.

Toward a more resilient Agriculture

Outlines the need to think creatively to improve natural capital and food production at the same time.

Resilence in Agriculture through Crop Diversificaton

Highlights strategies to mitigate the effects of climate change on agricultural production.

The ecological role of biodiversity in Agroecosystems

Outlines how important biodiversity is in the success of a farm enterprise.

Urban Food Sovereignty: urgent need for agroecology and systems thinking in a post COVID future

Article exploring how urban food production can shorten food supply chains, and improve the resilience of food supply.

Adapting Farming to Climate Variability

A report by Dr. Christine Jones on strategies to improve farm resilience.

Managing environmental water for ecological resistance

Describes what ecological resistance is, and how to manage for it.

Climate change means Australia may have to abandon much of it's Farming

Some sobering statistics around farm profitablity and the need for farmers to be adaptable.

Applying Resilience Thinking

Student friendly video outlining 7 principles of Resilience Thinking.

DAFF Agricultural and Commodities Outlook December 2022

Government report describing how weather and rising inflation can impact on the resilience of our agricultural sector.

Climate resilient Agriculture

Introductory video for students basic methods of introducing farm resilience.

Glen Morris - using regenerative methods on his farm to build resilience

Australian video exploring use of swales and importance of landscape rehydration in a grazing scenario to improve farm function.

Doing more with less is the new path for Ag: Henry & Terri Crooke

Case study on how a NSW grazing family use resilience principles on their farm.

Revisiting Winona: A case study in resilience

A case study in resilience featuring Colin Seis’ property, “Winona”. Excellent facts and video.

We Are the Soil That Walks

Article written by Kim Langbecker on how indiginous knowledge and wisdom is in line with holistic thinking i.e. working and respecting their environment, as opposed to dominating it.

Why Indigenous knowledge should be an essential part of how we govern the world’s oceans

Article exploring the common thread of Indiginous people of differing cultures acknowledging connections between human and non-human species, regardless of landscape or seascape.

Rethinking Indigenous Australia's agricultural past

Article descibing indiginous Australians agricultural methods existing together with nature, and how this has not been well documented.

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