Module 6

Module 6: Carbon Farming, Sequestration and Markets

Soil carbon is an essential component of soil organic matter, which is critical for soil health and productivity. It helps to improve soil structure, water holding capacity, nutrient cycling, and microbial activity. Furthermore, soil carbon plays a significant role in climate change mitigation by acting as a carbon sink. When carbon is stored in the soil, it is not released into the atmosphere as carbon dioxide, where it can contribute to global warming and climate change. In this module, you will find resources that explore the concepts around carbon farming, sequestration and markets.

Module 6 Session Recording

RAPL Module 6 Lorraine Gordon Presentation
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Module 6 Resources

How does the ACCU Scheme (formally the ERF) Work?

From the Australian Government Clean Energy Regulator website – details on how the ACCU Scheme works.

What is soil carbon farming?

Video by Carbonlink detailing how carbon farming works, and how it relates to regenerative agriculture.

Carbon Farming FAQ's, Education and Resources

Part of the Carbonlink website, which provides videos and information on carbon farming, ACCU’s, soil carbon projects, benefits of carbon farming and more.

Introductory video on how carbon cycles between the earth’s atmosphere, biosphere, lithosphere.

Emissions Reduction Fund: Opportunities to Participate

Video by the Dept. of Argriculture, Water & Environment.

What can I do on a farm to earn a carbon credit?

Article on easy to understand methods of earning carbon credits on a farm, written by Carbon Farmers of Australia.

Case study: Soil carbon project, West Gippsland, Victoria

Video by Clean Energy Regulator, featuring Neils Olsen’s soil carbon project.

Case Study: Native Forest Protection Project, Bulgoo Station, Western NSW

Video by Clean Energy Regulator, featuring Bulgoo Station’s Native Forest Protection Project.

Case Study: Revegetation Project, Wedderburn, Victoria

Video by Clean Enery Regulator, featuring Rosie Galea’s revegetation project at Wedderburn, Victoria.

Case Study: Moffat Falls

Article featuring Lorrainne Gordon and her experience in setting up a carbon project on her farm at Ebor, NSW.

Soil Carbon Sequestration

Excellent video by Dr. Elaine’s Soil Foodweb School on carbon sequestration, and it’s role in mitigating climate change.

Soils aint soils - Carbon Farming offers fertile future

CSIRO article describing the role of carbon farming in Australia’s agricultural future.

What is carbon farming and what is an ACCU?

RCS video explaining carbon farming and ACCUs.

How two graziers received 150,000 ACCU's from carbon farming

RSC video explaining how a farming enterprise can optimise carbon sequestration.

Laurie Case Study - Carbon Farming

Case study on the Lawrie family showing how they intergrated carbon farming into their grazing operation.

Farming - A climate change solution

Article featuring Dr. Christine Jones, and her work around the link between photosynthesis, microbes and soil carbon for more productive agriculture.

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