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The Starting Farm Co-operatives Program, known as Farming Together, helps farmers, fishers and foresters establish collaborative business models and co-ops that address economic and environmental challenges.

During these uncertain times, the strength of collaborative farming models, which reduce supply chain risk and improve bargaining power, are needed more than ever.

The Starting Farm Co-operatives Program builds on Southern Cross University’s award-winning Farming Together Pilot Program which reached 28,500 primary producers between 2016 and 2018.

In 2019, the Australian Government, through the Department of Agriculture, Water and the Environment,  funded Southern Cross University to continue the work of the Farming Together Program, helping farmers, fishers and foresters to establish collaborative businesses and co-ops to boost farm gate returns.

Farming Together’s collaborative model is also the engine that drives many of Southern Cross University’s Regenerative Agriculture Alliance projects, which aim to improve the holistic health and wellbeing of Australian landscapes, farmers and communities through regenerative agricultural research, education and practice.

Working hand in hand, Farming Together and the Regenerative Agriculture Alliance aim to drive collaboration on an unprecedented scale to meet the urgency and the complexity of the economic and environmental challenges faced by Australian rural and regional communities.


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The Co-operative Farming Project

The Co-operative Farming project provides farmers, fishers and foresters wanting to find out more about starting a co-operative and those wanting to grow existing co-operatives. This includes advice, education, mentoring and other opportunities.