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Farming Together & Ground Cover Podcasts

Practical advice that farmers can use, helping improve the climate resilience of regional and rural communities, and the holistic health of our landscapes.

Farming Together

Collaborative Farming for the farming, fishing and forestry industries

A conversation between host, Farming Together Program manager Amanda Scott; and the farming, fishing and forestry groups supported by the program. Hear from groups working collaboratively to build stronger, more resilient farming communities in the face of increasingly complex environmental, economic and social challenges.

Ground Cover

Real life stories of farmers making the switch to regenerative farming practices

Welcome to Ground Cover. A podcast created for farmers, by farmers. Ground Cover is a uniquely Australian podcast series exploring real life stories of land managers who have undertaken the transition from conventional farming to regenerative agriculture.

In this series, we share unique and honest conversations about the challenges and opportunities of regenerative agriculture, so you can make informed decisions about how to best manage your land.

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We have extensive experience in working with farmers, communities, government, businesses and not-for-profits to develop solutions through collaboration, research, evaluation and reporting. We are experts in a range of collaborative skills including relationship development, negotiation, mediation, communication along with strong capacity for project management and leadership, business solutions, educational development, community cultivation and media and communications.

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