Program (RAMP)

The Regenerative Agriculture Mentorship Program (RAMP), aims to facilitate and support farmers to make the transformational change from traditional to regenerative agricultural principles and practices.

Farmers learn best from other farmers, as well as knowledgeable, respected: extension officers, agronomists, field service staff, training organisations, and practitioners. 


The RAMP vision is to create farm resilience by partnering expert mentors in regenerative agriculture, with local farmers, in regional hubs


The RAMP delivers training from trusted regenerative agriculture experts, helping farmers understand complex systems, to better manage their land while developing their capacity to respond to the challenges they face in a strategic, rather than reactionary way.


The RAMP is committed to the exchange of knowledge, connection and ideas to inspire and empower agricultural collaborations.



New South Wales and South-East Queensland

Key Partner

NSW Government Environmental Trust


  • Regenerative agricultural experts from the Regenerative Agricultural Alliance
  • Regenerative farmers in New South Wales
  • Farmers who want to be educated in Regenerative Agriculture

This program was assisted by the NSW Government through its Environmental Trust; and the Southern Queensland / Northern NSW Drought Resilience Adoption and Innovation Hub, which receives funding from the Australian Government’s Future Drought Fund.

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