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Bayer for Ground

A program and platform that preaches regenerative agriculture to achieve emission reduction and carbon sequestration.


An organic material that improves soil structure and fertility which can lead to healthier plants and improve carbon sequestration potential.

Technical Manual

A technical dossier to explain and outline in a standardised format the carbon sequestration industry. The manual presents quantifiable data and case studies on the impact of soil management practices.

Carbon College

A US course that talks about improving soil health, carbon sequestration, and how farmers can gain financially.

Soil Carbon Workshop

RCS run a series of soil carbon workshops on an ongoing basis.

Carbon Neutral Agriculture Training

A course giving farmers an overview of how to reduce carbon emissions through agriculture.

Charm Industrial Rich Bio Oil

A fast growing carbon removal technology that breaks down biomass into bio oil.

Digital Farming Solutions

Sustainability solutions that provide farmers with a climate smart approach to crop nutrition and precision agriculture.

Yard Stick

A soil carbon and bulk density measurement tool that can provide real time measurements through a live dashboard.

Free Carbon Calculator

A tool to calculate your farm's carbon footprint.

Farm Carbon Toolkit

A toolkit and distillation of key information designed by farmers for other farmers to reduce carbon emissions from your farm.

Soil carbon farming services

A model based on end to end management services to increase the likelihood of earning carbon credits and transitioning to regenerative agriculture.

Soil carbon projects

Teaming up science and technology to support and manage carbon farming projects.

Precision Agriculture

A focus on data, insight and action to help make informed agriculture decisions.

Carbon Farming Project

End-to-end service that walks through development, management and legal implementation of carbon projects.

Free land assessment

A no-cost, no obligation assessment to assist in carbon viability projects on your property.

Carbon advisory services

Work with numerous organisations to lower carbon offsets and preserve the planet.

LoamBio microbial technology

Microbial technology capturing carbon in agricultural soils.

Overseer FM

Online software that connects farmers to information helping them to sustain the environment.

GHG calculator and action plan

A tool designed to helm farmers measure on-farm GHG emissions and sequestration.

All-Tech ECO2

A tool to deliver and promote sustainability programmes to increase on-fam efficiency and profitability.

Horticulture Sensors

A tool to monitor and maintain optimal growing conditions in greenhouse environments.

End to end decarbonisation platform

Provide data, analytics and digital tools to help businesses improve their carbon offsets.

Soil Moisture sensors, data loggers, nodes and gateways.

Helps research, agriculture and greenhouse industries maximise efficiency and production.

Full Viability Assessment

A 10-12 page report and digital map that thoroughly goes through the viability, potential and risks of a soil carbon project on your property.

Free soil assessment report

A two page report that estimate current soil carbon levels, and sequestration potential.

Soils Revealded

A platform to track soil carbon change and predict the potential amount of carbon your soil could hold.

CUFR Tree Carbon Calculator (CTCC)

A calculating tool that provides data on carbon sequestration provided by individual trees.

USGS Land Carbon Visualization Tools

Tools that provide baseline data and projections for future carbon stocks.

Feasibility Services

Feasibility study to help farmers assess their business case and soil carbon business opportunities.

Carbon Scout

An online platform that allows farmers to assess reforestation, plantation and carbon feasibility on their land.

Full carbon accounting model

The Full Carbon Accounting Model is a calculation tool for modelling Australia’s greenhouse gas emissions from the land sector.

Australian dairy carbon calculator 2023

The Australian Dairy Carbon Calculator estimates dairy farm carbon emissions and what impact various greenhouse gas abatement strategies have on farming systems.


A model for predicting long-term changes in soil organic carbon in terrestrial ecosystems.

Australian wine carbon calculator

A tool to help Australian wineries measure their carbon footprint

Hot Carbon Info

A web tool which can be used to calculate greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from most Horticultural growing operations.

MLA Carbon Calculator

Enables the calculation of total enterprise greenhouse gas emissions calculation as well as emissions intensity per product produced e.g., beef, sheepmeat, wool, grain.

Carbon Audit and Benchmarking

A version-controlled calculator to conduct an emissions audit and benchmark your results against a large database in Australia.


A pilot tool that allows Australian farmers to evaluate, benchmark and communicate the environmental footprint of their production.

Cool Farm Tool

A tool to make more informed on-farm decisions that reduce the environmental impact.

Farm Mapping

Use the latest spatial data to get the best possible data at the best possible price.

Pasture Key

A service combining satellite remote sensing and data science to monitor changes in the feedbase and land condition on a weekly basis.

Farm Reports

Get a detailed report on carbon availability on your farm

Progardes Desmanthus

A pasture legume scientifically developed to improve and sustain your pastures. It is persistent, productive and palatable.


Precise soil carbon measurement


NetSpatialâ„¢ is a tailored mapping solution that presents soil carbon opportunities in a visual context.

Yield and Zone Maps

A NDVI tool to zone, map and estimate yield to reduce input costs and optimise yield.

Soil Carbon Offset Report

Get insights into Soil Carbon potential, and learn about your ability to generate carbon offsets with a Soil Carbon Offset Report

Environmental Farm Assessment

Get a customised report to better understand carbon, biodiversity and production


Enables portable testing at reduced costs, using the latest machine learning techniques. Hone unlocks chemical analysis, utilising the latest developments in spectroscopy and machine learning.

Agrimix Flux

Agrimix help farmers maximise their productivity in a sustainable manner, including the potential to earn carbon credits through improving pasture.


AgriProve is Australia’s leading soil carbon project developer, taking farmers on the journey from building soil carbon in the field to selling carbon credits to governments and companies with carbon liabilities.


TraceCARBON™, helps farmers understand carbon stocks and how their soil sequesters carbon over time.

Perennial Earth

Perennial is building trusted standards, tools, and technologies to help verify climate-smart agriculture at a global scale.


An exclusive NetCarbon Producer Program that is an end-to-end soil carbon farming program that includes proven technology field tested in Australia by CarbonLinkâ„¢ scientists.


AgriCircle is a leading provider of technologies for a more productive and sustainable agriculture. They offer networks and incentives for climate-neutral farming on a regenerative base.

Ziltek Agriculture App – RemScan

A portable device that combines mid-infrared spectroscopy with custom software solutions to provide rapid infield results for contamination remediation and soil quality

Australian Feedbase Monitor

A new grazing management tool which gives land managers satellite insights into their feed capabilities.

Maia Grazing App

Real-time capacity insights for optimized grazing. Real-time analysis that can lead to more informed decision making.

Carbon Starter Report

A two-part preliminary assessment of a farm’s ability to sustainably and profitably deliver a soil carbon project

Farmlab Web and Mobile App

Manage all your agronomic and environmental data in one place.


Digital services for carbon farming markets

Soil Condition Analyses System (SCANS)

Technology that rapidly scans the spectral signature of soil cores, showing promise for easier and cheaper soil carbon measurement.

This project was jointly funded by Southern Cross University and the Australian Government’s National Landcare Program.

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