Northern Rivers
Net Zero

An industry-led collaboration to make Northern Rivers NSW one of the first carbon net zero regions in Australia.

Northern Rivers NSW Steering Committee, The Casino Food Co-op and Southern Cross University are collaborating to lead an exciting and ambitious project to make the Northern Rivers one of the first ‘Carbon Net Zero Regions’ in Australia, united under a strong ‘Northern Rivers NSW’ brand. The project footprint spans seven local government areas between Tweed Heads and Grafton, with sectors including:

  • Agriculture – (Beef, Dairy, Sugar, Nuts, Timber and Production Horticulture)
  • Energy – (Manufacturing, Education and Tourism)
  • Waste – (LGA, Government, Food and Beverage)
  • Transport – (Logistics, Community)

Why we need to take action NOW!

  • A rise in global average temperatures of 4 °c would leave the majority of the world uninhabitable by 2100.
  • We need to limit global heating to 1.5°c above pre-industrial levels to have the best chance of avoiding catastrophic climate change.
  • At current rates of human-induced warming, the world would reach this cap in 2040.
  • We must act urgently to create a region that is more resilient, inclusive and regenerative.
  • Our region has a strong social licence for environmental and social change and an existing clean green brand. If any region is to own the ‘Carbon NET ZERO’ brand it is US!

How we get there

Project Benefits

  • Income streams into carbon and biodiversity credits created and offset within the community
  • A Northern Rivers carbon net zero will attract business opportunities and investment into the region
  • Increase in employment opportunities
  • Businesses reputational gains and a marketing advantage, along with leverage for diversification and new funding
  • This 100% community driven project will foster a sense of pride in our local produce and businesses, which in turn will amplify loyalty to the local industries. 
  • New emerging carbon net zero industries linked to regenerative agriculture, alternate power and waste utilisation will boost our economy, provide long-term financial gains, increase our standard of living and the well-being of communities and landscapes.

How to get involved

Get in touch

Nathan Kempshall
Project Manager
Southern Cross University
0439 774 009

A collaborative project made possible by:

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