Module 3

Module 3: Ecosystem Services: Biodiversity

The ancient Greeks used the term bios, meaning life. Therefore, biodiversity is the term used to describe a diversity in living systems. In pursuit of higher yields, modern agriculture has resulted in the development of monocultures and simplified farming systems, causing a decline in biodiversity. However, regenerative farming practices aim to counter this by promoting biodiversity through various approaches at different levels, including genetic, species, and ecosystems. In this module, you will find resources that explore the concept of ecosystem services: biodiversity.

Module 3 Session Recording

RAPL Module 3 Glen Chapman Presentation
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Module 3 Resources

Kiss the Ground featuring Allan Savory

Exerpt from the Kiss the Ground movie featuring Allan Savory, detailing how our management of landscapes (soil) is undermining our ability to feed ourselves.

Soil Food Web Activities

Landcare Junior info and activities on soil food web.

Biodiversity Activities - Teaching Expertise

Info and activities on biodiversity from the Teaching Expertise website.

Biodiversity Activities - Science Buddies

Info and activities on biodiversity from the Science Buddies website.

Biodiversity School Competition

Healthy soil school competition.

What is the Soil Food Web?

Video by the Soil Food Web School – introductory video for the soil food web.

The Soil Story

Video by Kiss the Ground featuring Pashon Murray – explores how carbon cycles between the lithosphere, biosphere, hydrosphere and atmosphere – and how it can be used to grow better food.

The Compost Story

Video by Kiss the Ground describing how we can change our management of waste (ecosystem services) to improve our biosphere processes (carbon seqestration, water retention, nutrient cycling).

An analysis of trends and agricultural drivers of bird declines in North America: A Review

Scientific paper detailing how agricultural intensification has been detrimental to bird populations, including recommendations to solve the issue.

The Economic Value of Ecological Services provided by Insects

Scientific paper estimating that ecological services by insects contribute approximately $60 billion to the US economy per annum.

The Jena Experiment

Excellent German experiment demonstrating how plant diversity positively impacts insect diversity, plant production, nutrient cycling, microbial diversity, long term carbon storage, and farm resilience.

Ways to improve natural assets on a farm - support biodiversity

Website by Sustainable Farms full of practical ways to improve biodiversity on farms.

Improving Farm Dams - A Farmer's perspective

Video – Case Study of Marcus Richardson (cattle farmer near Albury, NSW) who modified his farm dams for biodiversity reasons.

The multiple benefits of shelterbelts: a farmer's perspective

Video – Case study of Derek and Murk Schoen (mixed farming) who describe biodiversity benefits of planting shelterbelts on their farm.

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