Module 1

Module 1: Regenerative Agriculture: Principles and Practices

Regenerative agriculture is complex, and it means a lot of different things to a lot of different people. One thing that is agreed upon however is that regenerative agriculture is an ongoing process of change that ‘enables landscapes to renew themselves’. In this module, you will find resources that explore the concept of regenerative agriculture through the principles and practices that it supports.

Module 1 Session Recording

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Module 1 Resources

The Imperative of Regenerative Agriculture

This article describes the “hangover” left from the Green Revolution, and principles and practices making agricluture a solution, not a problem.

What is Regenerative Agriculture?

Summarizes differing definitions of Regenerative Agriculture used by academics and practitioners.

Regenerative Agriculture for Food and Climate

Takes a “soil-centric” view of Agriculture, asserts the need to produce more with less.

Transforming Landscapes and Mindscapes through Regenerative Agriculture

Explores how Regenerative Agriculture is an alternative to the current industrial paradigm.

What is Regenerative Agriculture Video

Great video for an introductory lesson on Regenerative Agriculture, including 5 key principles.

What is Regenerative Agriculture? And Why Should We Care?

Great animation for kids for an introduction to Regenerative Agriculture.

How regenerative agriculture can help farmlands thrive and improve ecosystems

Video featuring Gabe Brown introduces his 5 principles of Regenerative agriculture.

Starting / Enhancing Your Regenerative Agriculture Journey

Great article for teachers new to the concept of regenerative agriculture.

SOS: Save our Soils - Dr. Christine Jones

Dr Jones explains an ecological approach to restoring farmscape function.

Changing the Paradigm

Charles Massey and Norm Smith explain a farm as a complex adaptive system and holistic grazing methods.

Intergrating bio-fertilisers, cover crops and animals to improve soil health

Grant Sims explains multiple natural, low input methods of grazing profitably.

Guide to Regenerative Agriculture

From “Kiss the Ground” – basic principles and practices of Regenerative Agriculture.

Introduction to Regenerative Agriculture

Introductory article on Regenerative Agriculture.

A Regenerative Secret - Kiss The Ground

Great video by Kiss the Ground on what Regenerative agriculture is, and what it is not.

Case Study: Regenerative Rubber

Illustrates how international companies have teamed up with rubber farmers in Thailand using agroforestry as a method to farm regeneratively.

Cropping Case Study: The McIntoshs at Border Park Organics

Excellent fact sheet and embedded video documentary of an Australian family using regenerative methods in their cropping business

Levels of Regenerative Agriculture

This article by Terra Genesis international explores differing “levels” of Regenerative Agriculture, and culminates in 7 Principles.

Other modules

Explore the other five modules that make up the Regenerative Agriculture Professional Learning site. Each module folder contains a recording of the professional learning presentations along with associated resources including websites, factsheets, case studies and activities.

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