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RAMP case study: Cattle farmer Marg Gillespie

One of our Regenerative Agriculture Mentoring Program participants talks about what she learnt from her mentor and fellow farmers.

Multispecies cover cropping in subtropical horticultural plantations, Zentveld’s Coffee Farm and Roastery

Glean expert advice from Dr Terry Rose, Dr Christopher Carr and Dr Karina Griffin as they discuss their research.

Banyula: The Journey to Regenerative Agriculture

The managers of Banyula share their achievements and challenges as they work towards a regenerative future for their 900-acre farm at Clunes in Northern NSW.

The Myrtle Trading Co: Innovative and Regenerative Lemon Myrtle Farming

Located on Bundjalung country on the Northern Rivers – The Myrtle Trading Co is an 100% Australian owned, entirely organic and based exclusively on regenerative agricultural principles.

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