January 14, 2021

What makes a co-operative different?

Co-operatives and agricultural co-operatives: what’s the difference? On the surface, co-operatives might appear like any other business – commercially successful, productive and profitable. What sets them apart and makes them a better way to do business for farmers? Find out six important differences. Key points What is the co-operative business structure? What are the benefits

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Evaluating a collaboration

Any new business or community initiative should be monitored from the beginning to assess the value of changes, demonstrate return on investment over time, and provide insight into where strategic changes can be made to further enhance value. One key difference of collaboration evaluation compared to more traditional evaluation is the combined focus on the

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Tips to start collaborating

Collaboration aims to include multiple stakeholders in a collective conversation, to develop a broader understanding of the problem and solutions and to find ways forward to achieve shared goals. This big-picture approach enables groups that might not have previously worked together – and might even have been in opposition or competition – to join forces

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Are you ready to collaborate?

Collaborations can bring cross-sector and inter-organisation benefits but they can also create complexity for member organisations. New challenges need to be weighed against business-as-usual practices. Forming a collaboration does not necessarily solve all the problems. Shifting the way your organisation functions is not easy. In effective collaborations, individuals or businesses give up some autonomy, they

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When to collaborate?

Collaboration is only one of several forms of working together. While collaboration can deliver results beyond what could be achieved alone, it can be challenging to implement and therefore is not an appropriate approach for every situation. Collaboration can help if your aim is to: reduce duplication and overlap, access limited resources, create or expand

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Why collaborate?

Agriculture is a complex sector, with multifaceted challenges but also exciting opportunities. Emerging products and markets, shifting supply and labour demands, climatic changes, new technologies and more competitive globalised supply chains are just some of the conditions  farmers, fishers and foresters face in Australia today. This complexity often means that there is often no clear

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