Why collaborate?

Agriculture is a complex sector, with multifaceted challenges but also exciting opportunities. Emerging products and markets, shifting supply and labour demands, climatic changes, new technologies and more competitive globalised supply chains are just some of the conditions  farmers, fishers and foresters face in Australia today.

This complexity often means that there is often no clear solution, and people may have different and sometimes conflicting opinions about the cause of the issue and how to resolve it. As a result, the next steps forward are often uncertain.

Dealing appropriately with the challenges is often beyond the capacity of any one individual or business. It calls for a different approach to ‘business as usual’ through identifying issues, setting goals and taking action. Collaboration is one proven way the agricultural sector can respond to this complexity; turning challenges into opportunities.

Collaboration may not be easy but the results can be spectacular.

Hear about the success stories of collaborating farmers, fishers and foresters across Australia. Consider why and how you could collaborate for better economic, social and environmental outcomes.

Key Points

  • What can collaboration achieve that other business models cannot?
  • How can it help grow your business and/or cultivate your community?

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