Evaluating a collaboration

Any new business or community initiative should be monitored from the beginning to assess the value of changes, demonstrate return on investment over time, and provide insight into where strategic changes can be made to further enhance value.

One key difference of collaboration evaluation compared to more traditional evaluation is the combined focus on the more tangible outcomes such and number of items sold, or percentage membership increase, as well as the softer ‘people’ focused outcomes such as enhanced strength and quality of member relationships. Being able to measure both tangible and intangible aspects of collaborative initiatives can be an extremely powerful approach.

Find out more about how to evaluate collaborations and what tools and resources can be used to measure both types.

Key points

  1. What can evaluation tell me?
  2. What tools can I use to evaluate the collaboration?
  3. What questions can I ask?
  4. Try Farming Together’s collaboration mapping tool.

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