Are you ready to collaborate?

Collaborations can bring cross-sector and inter-organisation benefits but they can also create complexity for member organisations. New challenges need to be weighed against business-as-usual practices. Forming a collaboration does not necessarily solve all the problems.

Shifting the way your organisation functions is not easy. In effective collaborations, individuals or businesses give up some autonomy, they share power and resources, and work for the collective good. The viability and credibility of the collaboration rests on understanding:

  1. what to look for in a successful collaborative model
  2. assessing your organisation’s tolerance for risk and participation and iii) determining your level of commitment and capacity.

Ask yourself:

  • Is collaboration necessary?
  • Are member open and able to change?
  • Can you sustain the commitment?
  • Do members have skills to collaborate?
  • Are you all aware of the investment needed (time, money and other resources)?

Before committing to collaborate read this fact sheet.

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