Share farm podcast: When you don’t have the capital to buy a farm

In the first episode of our ‘Share Farming‘ Season we explore the other side to the story of our most popular episode of Season 1: a conversation with Katie and Hugh Finlay, founders of the Harcourt Organic Farming Co-op.
As ageing farmers who saw they had a responsibility to nurture a future generation land stewards, Katie and Hugh finally landed on share farming as a fabulous solution.
This time around have a conversation with young farmers Sas Allardice (one half of Gung Hoe Growers) and micro dairy farmer Tess Sellar of Sellar Dairy, both members of the Harcourt Organic Farming Co-op.
With little capital, Sas and Tess knew they had to think outside the square when it came to accessing land and equipment. We hear how they made it work for them — legally and financially – and the hard work, strong values, and sense of humour that helped them along the way.

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