Thursday, December 17 2020, 7-8pm

Speakers: Katie & Hugh Finlay, Lorraine Gordon

Planning for Success in Succession

With many farmers in Australia reaching retirement age, the conversations are starting to lean towards the next steps for the family farms. Katie, Hugh and Lorraine represent this movement and in this webinar they speak openly and frankly about their two very different succession plan approaches. For Katie and Hugh, they didn’t want to leave the farm but their kids didn’t want to take over the farm so they developed leasing arrangements with young local farmers and established an organic producer co-operative. Lorraine has three sons and she wanted top make sure that regardless if one or all wanted to take over the family farm that they would all financially benefit from the farm. All speakers share their very personal and authentic stories. If you want to know how to go about succession planning, and you are interested in exploring different approaches, then this webinar is a must watch!

Topics include:

  • different opportunities for succession planning,
  • succession models as a growth model for the business,
  • the history of the Harcourt Organic Food Co-op and Moffat Falls,
  • the catalysts that inspired the creation of these alternative models for succession,
  • the HOFC co-op structure, values and vision,
  • the importance of relationships, communications and solid legal structures,
  • plus some amazing Q&A!

Case Studies

Transcript: Talking About Your Generation - Planning for Success in Succession Webinar

Added Q&A: Talking About Your Generation - Planning for Success in Succession Webinar


Katie & Hugh Finlay

Hugh and Katie Finlay, organic orchardists and educators established the Harcourt Organic Farming Co-op (HOFC) through the Farming Together Program. HOFC is a collaboration of diverse organic farmers who lease land on Katie and Hugh’s farm in Harcourt. This new generation of farmers is passionate about learning their craft, feeding their community, and making direct and meaningful connections with their customers, for example through Community Supported Agriculture. The aim of HOFC is to make the farm as productive and profitable as possible, within a collaborative framework and using regenerative and organic principles. Hugh and Katie reckon this new way of farming will be good for retiring farmers who want to step back from active farming but don’t want to sell the family farm, for emerging farmers who want to get started but can’t afford land, and for customers who are yearning for a connection to the farmers who produce their food.

Lorraine Gordon

Lorraine is the founder of the National Regenerative Agriculture Alliance based out of Southern Cross University. As Director of Strategic Projects at Southern Cross University and Associate Director of the University’s Centre for Organic Research, Lorraine acts as a conduit between industry and research, delivering sustainable and regenerative agriculture solutions nationally. She has assisted over 28,500 farmers, fishers and foresters around the country to progress collaborative projects and establish co-operatives which will benefit their various industries as Director of the Commonwealth Government’s Farming Together Program. Lorraine was awarded the 2018 Rural Community Leader of the Year for Australia for her work with farmers, the 2019 Australian Financial Review Award and the 2019 BHERT Higher Education Engagement Award. Lorraine is a carbon farmer and holistic beef cattle trader at Ebor in the New England Tablelands of NSW, where she uses timed control grazing methods to turn off up to 1000 steers per annum. She is also Director of Moffat Falls Pty Ltd and Yaraandoo which operates a number of successful tourism businesses in the New England Tablelands.