Video Lesson 1: Co-operatives and companies as vehicles for collaboration

Lesson 1: Co-operative and companies as vehicles for collaboration

As part of our commitment to providing opportunities for free education about collaborative farming, we present the first video lesson in our suite of online learning resources and tools.

In lesson 1, you will learn how to choose a model that is fit for purpose, so that it suits your specific needs. These models include unincorporated and incorporated structures and each of these are explained in greater detail in this video. In particular, lesson 1 highlights the company and co-operative model as the best options for collaborative farming ventures. Because they are unincorporated, they offer greater power and protection in the market place; along with limiting the risk for participating farmers.

To find out more about co-operatives and companies as vehicles for collaboration, watch video lesson 1! We hope you enjoy this Farming Together tool as part of your learning.

Corporate regulators as seen in the video:

The Farming Together video lessons were produced with funding from the Australian Government Department of Agriculture, Water and the Environment. The videos provide insight and education about collaborative farming, including co-operatives. Farming Together have worked with co-operatives, farming and educational experts to ensure that we have the most relevant and up-to-date information to keep you informed.

Are you ready to keep learning? Lesson 2 explains the difference between co-operatives for profit, not for profit, for purpose and a bit about tax – watch it now!

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