Create your own co-operative business plan

Create your own co-operative business plan

Farming Together is excited to present, the co-operative model business plan. This tool is an imperative part of developing your co-operative identity and framework for successful operation into the future. Produced as part of the Co-operative Manual version 2 which was commissioned by Farming Together through the Australian Government funded Farm co-operatives and collaboration pilot program, written and produced collaboratively by the Co-operative Federation and other co-operative experts.

Your cooperative is unique in many ways so you don’t want the business plan to look just like everyone else’s; you want it to be an expression of your co-operative’s unique structure, products, plans, principles, values, environment and people. Make the plan your own.

You can access and download your free full version of the Co-operatives in Australia: A Manual from the Co-operative Federation website.

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