The Co-operative Model: Commerce with a Conscience

Farming Together is excited to release our fourth podcast in the series.

Farming Together Program Manager Amanda Scott speaks to Sam Byrne, Secretary of the Co-op Federation.


The Co-operative model: Commerce with a conscience

Sam Byrne, Secretary of the Co-op Federation

This week on Farming Together we speak to Co-op Federation Secretary Same Byrne. Sam explains why the co-operative model is still relevant and how many co-operative pitfalls can be prevented by educating members. He also gets excited about some up-and-coming co-ops which are set to disrupt the market and give more back to the community.


Topics covered

  • What is the Co-op Federation?
  • The Co-op business model: How does it work?
  • Why would you choose a co-op over other models?
  • Largest and oldest agriculture co-ops. Is it old-fashioned?
  • Importance of education for members.
  • Co-ops get a reputation for its ‘burden of democracy’ but personality issues arise in any organisation.
  • School students, accountants, and lawyers don’t have enough education regarding co-operatives.
  • Why do co-ops fail?
  • Exciting new co-ops: Disruptive solutions-focused co-ops.
  • Solving community problems: Commerce with a conscience
  • The unifying nature of farming co-operatives
  • Sam’s co-operative memberships


Extra resources:

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Co-op Federation Instagram

Co-op Federation Assembly 2021 registration

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