Successful mentoring programs lead to on-farm changes

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Farmers have gained valuable skills and expert advice thanks to our two Regenerative Agriculture Mentoring Programs.

In July, the NSW Environmental Trust funded 12-month RAMP celebrated its first full program completion.

The final guest lecture presentation was a panel discussion from the team of mentors, including Tony Hill, Brian Wehlburg, Glen Chapman, Fiona George (for David Hardwick) and Craig Carter.

The six-month RAMP, funded through the Southern Queensland Northern NSW Innovation Hub, also finished up in July.

The final guest lecture presentation was a panel discussion from the team of mentors including Helen Lewis, Glen Chapman, David Hardwick (for Simon Mattsson) and Craig Carter.

RAMP program coordinator, Dr Simone Blom, said both programs were highly successful in facilitating on-farm practice changes for the participants.

“Participants involved in the research component of this program were also invited to an additional guest lecture presentation by Nicole Masters,” she said.

“Nicole spoke on, ‘What makes a brilliant coach and an effective agent in changing initiatives? Adding tools to our toolbelt in asking better questions and addressing complex human/societal and ecological issues’.”

The next round of RAMP will be launched in October, and Dr Blom said there would be lots of changes and lots of new opportunities. Follow the Regenerative Agriculture Alliance Facebook page and keep reading the newsletter to find out more.

In the meantime, check out our latest video case study of Lismore region participant, Marg Gillespie, who shares her journey with regenerative agriculture and the RAMP.

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