Steps in Carbon Farming: Options and Methodologies

Steps in Carbon Farming

Webinar 2 in a 3-part series What are the options for realising value from soil carbon farming and the latest changes to the methodologies?  In this webinar, we will be considering the best ways to access the available carbon in your farm for economic and environmental benefit. Farmers are set to be major suppliers of Environmental Goods and Services using mechanisms such as the carbon credit market. As these markets grow in volume, scope, and scale, it is important that farmers get fair access. Today we will be looking at the potential for more farmers to gain access to a fairer deal from the Environmental Goods and Services market through knowing and understanding the processes that they can adopt for best practice returns. Followed by a Q&A session To get in touch with our panelists, Dr Greg Bender and Norman Marshall or to learn more about what they do, visit their website, Australian Soil Management. Weblinks referred to in the webinar: Disclaimer: these weblinks represent the views and sharings from the audience and are not endorsed by the panelists, Farming Together or Southern Cross University.

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