Regenerative Agriculture Mentorship Program (RAMP)


New South Wales

Key Partner

NSW Government Environmental Trust


  • Regenerative agricultural experts from the Regenerative Agricultural Alliance
  • Regenerative farmers in New South Wales
  • Farmers who want to be educated in Regenerative Agriculture

Key Points

In 2021, the Farming Together Program was successful in applying for a NSW Government Environmental Trust Tier 2 grant. The grant supports the development of a state-wide mentoring program consisting of a number of knowledge hubs of mentors and mentees. The project will go for 3-years and have two cycles of mentors and mentees and:

  • Participants will be invited to be involved from across NSW,
  • Are based around agricultural industries, and
  • Will enable groups to attend local face-to-face events to connect and share experiences and resources with each other.

About Summary

The mentoring program aims to facilitate and support farmers to make the transformational change from traditional to regenerative agricultural principles and practices. As founding members of the Regenerative Agriculture Alliance and the associated Industry Advisory Group, we will identify members to become mentors and match them with committed mentees. The stories of these ‘knowledge hubs’ will be documented and shared as case studies with our extensive, well-established networks to further promote regenerative agriculture adoption. Overall, the program aims to reduce the human-induced impacts of climate change through utilising environmental education in the agricultural industry as a critical enabler in transformative principle and practice change to significantly shift our future paradigm.

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