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Mid North Coast, New South Wales, Australia

Project Leader: Professor Kirsten Benkendorff

Industry Partners: NC Local Land Services, Coffs Harbour City Council, Coffs Harbour Regional Landcare

Project Description: A wide range of pesticides are used in the blueberry industry on the Mid North Coast of NSW with potential for build-up of chemical residue in the soils. During major rain events, these soil contaminants, as well as spray residues from hothouses can also be mobilised and leach into adjacent land and water ways. Little is known about the impacts of these pesticide residues on soil microbial health in this region or the potential for on site management. North Coast Local Land Services, Coffs Harbour City Council and Coffs Harbour Regional Landcare project have partnered with us to apply a replicated sampling design to investigate the relationship between pesticides, soil health and microbial communities on blueberry farms.


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