Get set for a new podcast season all about share farming

Get ready for Farming Together’s second season: All about share farming

Thanks to all of you who came along with us on the Season 1 journey of the Farming Together podcast.

We’re pleased to say, it’s by no means over.

After receiving a bunch of requests from farmers asking us for more stories and resources about share-farming models, we’ve decided to dedicate our upcoming season to this very topic.

On the one hand, we are hearing from ageing farmers who are looking for creative succession plans that keep them living on farm while also ensuring their land stays productive and regeneratively managed.

We are also hearing from a powerful emerging cohort of younger farmers looking for share farming models that help them overcome significant barriers to farming – including rising property prices and lack of capital.

As always, Farming Together program manager Amanda Scott will speak directly to farmers about their experiences. Next seasons’ sharefarmers will unpick how they arrived at their share-farming arrangement. They get down to the nitty gritty detail about leases and agistments. They explore how collaboration is key to farming regeneratively. They also reveal the pitfalls and unexpected rewards that come from their share-farm model.

Not one of these share-farming stories are the same, but a common thread of creativity and inspired solutions-focused thinking is evident throughout the season.

We plan to launch the share-farming season in August. Make sure you don’t miss the first episode release by subscribing to the Farming Together podcast wherever you listen to podcasts.

You can also Join the share-farming conversation on our socials: Follow the Farming Together Program on Facebook and Instagram. We can’t wait for Season 2.

You can support these conversations and amplify the voices of these sharing, caring and creative farmers by letting people in your community know about the podcast or tagging them on social media.

Sharing is caring, and we can’t wait to share these creative and inspiring farming stories with you.

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