New podcast about collaborative farming launched

Farming Together is thrilled to launch its new podcast series!

In this series, your host, Farming Together program manager Amanda Scott, has handpicked several of the most illuminating collaborative stories from the 730 farmer, fisher and forestry groups that were supported during the Farming Together Pilot Program. You will hear how groups worked collaboratively to build stronger, more resilient farming communities in the face of increasingly complex environmental, economic and social challenges.

The conversations in this series don’t sugar-coat the collaborative journey!

For our debut interview, Amanda chats to Hugh and Katie Finlay of Harcourt Organic Farming Co-operative. Realising as they aged, they could not physically continue with all the farm work required, Katie and Hugh formed a co-operative that would not only ensure the farm’s continued productivity but would also help mentor the next generation of farmers and offer them greater lease security. They share the challenges of opportunities of the co-operative model and delve into the nitty-gritty of contracts and conflict management.

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