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The Farming Together team

The Farming Together team is a tight knit and far-reaching powerhouse of regenerative agriculture and communication knowledge.  We work closely with the Southern Queensland and Northern New South Wales (SQNNSW) Innovation Hub, the Lismore Region manager and extension officers, Northern Rivers Net Zero, and Southern Cross University researchers.

The team excels in delivering innovative solutions to address the challenges of climate change.  Amanda Scott brings her knowledge in visualising networks and strategic connections to help individuals and organisations achieve their goals. 

Dr Mathew Alexanderson’s expertise lies in regenerative agriculture and understanding farmer decision-making, while Dr Simone Blom is a proficient workshop facilitator with a focus on environmental education practices. 

The team also comprises communications expert Rebecca Lollback as the Innovation Hub’s Lismore Region Manager, who excels in sharing impactful stories and generating new ideas. Our other team members, Nathan Kempshall, Gavin Tinning and Janelle Schafer, are experts in horticulture, project management, water management, permaculture, and ecological sciences. 

Together, we form a multidisciplinary team capable of delivering comprehensive solutions for sustainable agriculture, climate resilience, and community engagement.

Meet our team

Amanda Scott
Knowledge Broker, Southern Queensland and Northern NSW Innovation Hub
Amanda Scott is the Knowledge Broker for the SQNNSW Innovation Hub. Her research and practice interests focus on visualising networks of relationships to help individuals and organisations identify how they can more strategically make the right connections and link up opportunities to achieve their vision. Amanda has over 15 years of experience managing multi-million-dollar projects across the agricultural, health and tertiary education sectors. In 2019 Amanda was part of the team who received the Australian Financial Review Awards for Industry Engagement and the BHERT Award for Outstanding Collaboration in Community Engagement for her work in the Farming Together Program, which supported over 28,000 primary producers to grow their business through collaboration. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Primary Education (Honours), a Diploma of Management, a Certificate IV Marketing, a Diploma of Gemmology, and is undertaking a PhD in Collaborative Networks through SCU.

Dr Simone Blom
Project Manager, Regenerative Agriculture Mentoring Program (RAMP)
Simone Blom is an experienced leader, educator and emergent researcher with over two decades in education and high-impact project officer roles. Simone’s skills are best deployed in workshop facilitation and collaborative enterprises that require succinct translation of complex concepts and outcomes into accessible, workable ideas and solutions. Her research interests include environmental education pedagogies and practices, posthuman theories grounded in quantum mechanics, post-qualitative methodologies and science education. Simone is dedicated to improving both pre and in service teacher confidence and competence.
Dr Mathew Alexanderson
Project Developer, Regenerative Agriculture Mentoring Program (RAMP)
Mathew is the Project Developer for the Regenerative Agriculture Mentoring Project (RAMP). He has been working on the Soil CRC’s Surveying Farm Practices project since 2019, which aims to better understand current farming practices, the various influences on farmer decision-making and how farming will change into the future. Mathew has also completed a PhD that explores regenerative agriculture as an alternative approach to conventional farming and the evolving understanding of knowledge between farmers and industry champions.
Nathan Kempshall
Project Manager (Northern Rivers Net Zero)
Nathan is the Project Manager for Nothern Rivers Net Zero, an exciting and ambitious project spanning seven LGA’s across Agriculture, Energy, Waste and Transport, aiming to make Northern Rivers one of the first Carbon Net Zero regions in Australia.

A qualified horticulturist, Nathan has 20+ years of operations management, project management, business development and leadership experience.
During his ten years in northern NSW, Nathan has fostered effective partnerships to create successful programs for key agricultural sectors. He is passionate about supporting the growth of the Northern Rivers, ensuring there are opportunities that meet the demands of our future generation.
Rebecca Lollback
Lismore Region Manager, Southern Queensland and Northern NSW Innovation Hub
Rebecca is the Lismore Region Manager for the SQNNSW Innovation Hub, using her communications expertise to help farmers and communities become more drought resilient.
She spent 18 years as a journalist with regional newspapers before venturing into public relations and communications.
Rebecca also works across all our programs and projects to share stories with communities, farmers, industry organisations, media and key stakeholders. She is passionate about building strong networks and creating content that has a lasting impact.
Gavin Tinning
Lismore Region Extension, Southern Queensland and Northern NSW Innovation Hub
Gavin Tinning is the Extension Officer for the Lismore Region of the SQNNSW Hub, where he works with farmers and communities to improve climate resilience strategies. He has a background in agriculture and natural resource management, including wetlands research, acid sulphate soils, community development, and permaculture projects. Gavin is passionate about supporting food production in resilient landscapes, and has previously managed a sustainable agriculture project for the Border Ranges - Richmond Valley Landcare Network. He also enjoys regenerating his own property and growing bananas and avocados.

Janelle Schafer
Bingara Region Adoption and Extension Officer, SQNNSW Innovation Hub
Janelle Schafer is the Adoption and Extension Officer with the SQNNSW Hub based at Bingara's The Living Classroom in the New England region of NSW. With 30 years of experience as a permaculture designer, she is also a botanist and teacher. Janelle's qualifications include BSc (Botany) from the University of New England, and Master of Science from Southern Cross University. She is passionate about plant chemistry and has presented at prestigious international conferences. Janelle has extensive experience designing and managing water systems, orchards and food forests, and is always on the lookout for native plants to use in permaculture systems. She is completing Holistic Management training and looking forward to meeting more people in her new community while also learning about broad-acre farming.

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