Market garden opportunity in Byron Shire with accommodation

My name is Uri. I cultivate 2.5 acres of a market garden on my land that is 85 acres in total and ACO certified. Produce is sold at 3 weekly farmers markets (Bangalow, Byron, and New Brighton).

This kind of activity is fairly intense because here at NNSW we can grow all weeks of the year –over some 50 different small crop lines to meet markets ever-growing demand – so it’s an ongoing grind with all facets of good farming and business practices tested 3 times a week.

To sum it up, the business side is rewarding but demanding.

I am looking for good, motivated and experienced farmers.

For the right person/ people, with the right arrangements, I can offer access to the land, equipment, and infrastructure required to grow and sell at the current markets. There is much more room for expansion but as a starting point, there is more than enough viability in the said 3 markets.

I can also offer accommodation on the farm – that is a big thing considering the ongoing crisis in the Byron shire and beyond. The accommodation can suit 2 to 4 people in case the new farmer(s) will come as a group, with shared facilities. Families or couples can also reside in the well-built rooms in a converted shed.

My expectations from the farmer(s) are:

  1. To be able to grow continuously around the year including short and mid-term planning – all based on ACO code
  2. To maintain a good standard of upkeeping regarding the land, facilities and equipment
  3. To operate the farmers markets

Our understandings and agreement will depend on the circumstances , wishes and the level of skill/ independence you bring. Dollars are important but they are not my first or main concern. I consider everything from direct employment to partnership as acceptable outcome.

I am 57yo and my body doesn’t allow me for ongoing field work however I can be involved in many other aspects of farming – I will guide and mentor the farmer(s) in case they need it. I may not be the best farmer in the room but I know my farm and the business well. There are very few sustainable and viable farms around here and I honestly think that what I have to offer is very unique. A small-scale farming operation that is already running is a dream for many people.

I am also looking for someone to re-ignite the chicken eggs activities that were abandoned a couple of months ago. We were always selling out in the markets and that could be a separate operation of its own.

The rest of the acreage on my farm is in reasonable shape (mostly grazed wetland ) and I’m very open to working regeneratively on these parts – to be discussed separately.

If you would like to get in contact with Uri with an expression of interest, send your details to


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