Latest funded projects: 25 October 2017

Name of Group Funded to $
Australian Wild Abalone (TAS)


Create a collaborative approach to marketing Australian Wild Abalone to the rapidly growing Asian visitor market in Australia. The project will produce a guide detailing how to build Asian tourism-focussed offerings, including guidelines for working collaboratively on a regional and national basis. 81,690
Braidwood Garlic Growers Group (NSW) Support the formation and implementation of the regional Braidwood Garlic Co-operative. This will include appointing a contractor to develop a strategic marketing plan, a quality-control framework for production outcomes, and a biosecurity plan for growers. 60,000
Canberra Region Small Farms Co-operative (ACT) Develop the Canberra Region Small Farms Co-operative. The co-operative will increase the buying power of members to reduce their individual farm input costs, investigate warehousing and distribution options, establish a website and develop a marketing plan. 60,000
Farmer eXchange (National) Create a web-based application (Farmer eXchange) which will allow real-time connectivity among farmers, enabling them to share knowledge, resources and strategic insights. Farmer eXchange will launch in March 2018 directly to farmers in the cropping, horticulture, beef, sheep and dairy industries. The focus will be national. 168,700
Fleurieu Forward Farming (SA) Develop a strategic plan to support the expansion of the Fleurieu Forward Farming group, which seeks to develop and implement co-operative research, development and extension projects to address issues relating to the long-term sustainability of farm businesses in the Fleurieu Peninsula region of South Australia. 14,500
Food Origin Co-operative (Q) Form a co-operative to allow farmers to market their produce to consumers via social media and farm pick-up. The project will include development of a marketing plan and website. 30,000
King Island beef producers for sustainable beef production (TAS) Establish a farm benchmarking system that analyses the production and financial performance of King Island beef producers. This will give King Island producers a better chance to succeed in the national and global market by reducing costs of production while identifying practices that are more profitable and adaptable. 32,973
Nursery and Garden Co-op (NSW) Develop new processes and infrastructure for nursery freight collaboration that can be used across Australia. This includes designing and piloting collaborative freight processes and infrastructure, testing the processes and infrastructure on the NSW Central Coast and in Sydney’s Hills district and building a business model for the co-operative. 175,100
Truffle Marketing Co-operative Ltd (NSW/ACT) Support the development of a co-operative of eastern Australian truffle growers through the development of a marketing strategy, a standard produce and payment system, and a co-operative website. The project will also develop a Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points Plan, a report on health and safety aspects of production and handling and a report on truffle washing and packaging best practice. 133,500
Ricegrowers’ Association of Australia Inc. (NSW) Deliver the “Water 2030” program to four new groups of farmers in southern NSW. The “Water 2030” program assists farm managers to deal with the complexities of managing irrigation farm businesses post irrigation water reform. It is a collaborative group forum where participants:

·         seek and share knowledge and experience to engender entrepreneurial skills

·         develop and deliver their business plans, and

·         have these plans challenged by peers to identify risk and opportunities and maximise outcomes.

The Constructive Farming Co-operative (NSW) Support the establishment of the Constructive Farming Co-operative through the development of several business planning documents. This planning process will support the Constructive Farming Co-operative overcoming barriers that growers face to adopt and produce large amounts of certified organic grain. 169,300
Tropical Mahogany Suppliers (Q)


Establish a co-operative to identify and develop markets for African Mahogany grown in northern and western Queensland and the Northern Territory. The group aims to achieve the best prices for logs and sawn product and to value-add through portable on-farm processing. 125,000


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