Tweed Region, NSW

Key Partner

Department of Regional NSW


  • Regional NSW (Tweed)
  • Department of Primary Industries (DPI)
  • Tweed Shire Council
  • Health Infrastructure
  • Local Land Services and Training Services NSW
  • Tweed farmer ‘champions’
  • Part of the Tweed Productive Land Use Project

Key Points

In 2020, the Farming Together Program was invited to contribute to the Growing Agriculture in the Tweed Initiative. Working with farmers and key community representatives Farming Together:

  • identified 15 drivers of change for agriculture in the region,
  • outlined 12 opportunities for growth,
  • provided 12 case study exemplars to inspire farmers,
  • developed an implementation strategy with a 10 step success plan for farmers
  • made 6 recommendations for broader scale approaches for growing agriculture in the Tweed.

About Summary

The Growing Agriculture in the Tweed Initiative was part of the Tweed Valley Productive Land Use Project (TVPLUP) which was established by the Cross-Agency Coordination Working Group to identify and promote agriculture and food development opportunities in association with the new hospital, and to facilitate agricultural opportunities throughout the broader Tweed LGA. Specifically, TVPLUP is identifying, developing and coordinating the implementation of agricultural industry development and sustainable regional productive land use growth opportunities.

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