Cultivating Collaboration: Introducing our new podcast

Farming Together is excited to release our first podcast series.

Listen to farmers share their personal stories about collaborating in business, and hear them speak about their triumphs and tribulations.

Get advice for creating and growing your collaborative business or project from the best in the business. For example, one expert who has helped hundreds of co-operatives, offers his best tips for starting and growing a co-operative.

This series provides you with the practical and experiential knowledge to decide how to choose the right collaborative structures and business partners, and how to keep members engaged. Find out what to do when things go wrong and take comfort in knowing that things probably will go wrong at some stage and that’s perfectly normal.

Hear how farmers, fishers and foresters have developed collaborative arrangements for succession planning, expanding their market opportunities, increasing their scale of production, or building resilience, to grow their business and cultivate their community.

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