Collaboration for Carbon Farmers: A Fairer Deal Together

A Fairer Deal Together

Webinar 1 in a 3-part series How can we work collaboratively to harness the opportunities in soil carbon farming and trading?  How can collaborating best utilise carbon trading opportunities for farmers? Is there opportunity for carbon co-ops? Farmers are set to be major suppliers of Environmental Goods and Services using mechanisms such as the carbon credit market. As these markets grow in volume, scope, and scale, it is important that farmers get fair access. In this webinar,  our panellists explore the potential for more farmers to gain access to a fairer deal from the Environmental Goods and Services market by working together. They share their expertise in establishing a range of collaborative models including farmer co-operatives and the formation a regenerative agriculture mutual pilot. The webinar includes Q&A. For more information about Rohan Clarke, Ethical Fields and the Regenerative Farmers Mutual, visit the Ethical Fields Website.

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