Channel your inner chippy

Channel your inner chippy at the inaugural Woodfest – a showcase of sustainable native timber in NSW and Queensland – on Sunday, April 15.

The event, run by the by Quality Timber Traders (QTT), a Farming Together-backed project, will be held at Federal Hall, near Byron Bay. It will feature a design competition, a growers-and-makers panel discussion, wood carving, milling demonstrations, a farm tour, BBQ and live music. The day, which goes from 10am to 3pm, celebrates the best use of sustainable timbers such as silver quandong, silky oak and Queensland maple in handmade designs ranging from doors to furniture, panels, interior decoration or even surfboards. More?

The QTT project involves niche treegrowers from northern NSW and south-east Queensland. It is supported by Southern Cross University and Farming Together. Pictured organising the event (L to R) are Farming Together staffers Sharn Gilmour and Tina Kelly with QTT’s Sandi Middleton and Kate Love.

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