Regenerative share farmers wanted for Northern Rivers farm

The farm is a 110 hectares with 54 hectares currently under tea tree production. Located at Bungawalbyn (12 km south of Coraki) and has been farmed conventionally since the property was converted from dairy into a tea tree plantation in the early 90’s. On the higher, more elevated country of the farm the soil is predominantly a sandy loam however the paddocks on the flat are peat based.

Our goal is to now transition this farm towards more regenerative production methods with the aim of increasing soil microbiology, increased biodiversity and consequently increased production on farm. In July of this year we planted over 4,000 eucalyptus trees which will act as a ‘Koala corridor’ and aim to continue with more plantings early next year.

Some paddocks haven’t been farmed for 7-8 years and consequently we are looking at methods to improve soil fertility. There is now an opportunity in establishing a pasture raised poultry (laying hens) business. Additionally, there could also be an opportunity for someone wishing to farm pasture raised pigs and in developing a direct to market business.

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