Braidwood Garlic Growers Co-operative

Farming Together is excited to release our third podcast in the series, Braidwood Garlic Growers Co-operative.

Farming Together Program Manager Amanda Scott speaks to Phil Shoemark and Dave Ellis of Braidwood Garlic Growers Co-operative.

With a grant deadline looming, the group formed a co-operative very quickly. Members have since benefitted from the co-op’s marketing strength and greater access to a growing market. Phil and Dave speak about the importance of finding people with different strengths to drive the co-op and why ‘people skills’ are critical.

Topics covered:

  • Forming a co-operative with a deadline: Making it happen fast with a clear objective.
  • How the co-op model provides economic return and collective marketing strength.
  • The impact of COVID 19.
  • The purchasing of collective commercial equipment.
  • Disseminating information with members through a newsletter.
  • Navigating difficult personalities: finding common ground.
  • Find a mediator with good people skills and following meeting procedures.
  • Different ways of communicating with members.
  • Making it work: You have to have a strong goal, enthusiasm, and enough members and expert advice.
  • Following a holistic management framework: What are you really trying to do?
  • The growing garlic market.
  • You need four people with the following strengths: Finance, Marketing/Sales, Production, and People skills.

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