Biochar set to transform future of agriculture

Farming Together’s sister organisation, the Regenerative Agriculture Alliance, is extremely proud to announce we are the Media Partner for the Biochar 2030 Roadmap.

It has been developed by the Australia New Zealand Biochar Industry Group, which was formed to streamline biochar education, research, collaboration and commercialisation activities to provide better outcomes.

The group’s Biochar 2030 Roadmap will encourage governments and industry to invest in and support the future of biochar.

In turn, this would create thousands of new jobs, provide resilience across a number of sectors, and reduce carbon emissions by up to 15 per cent.

Biochar: An important industry

Regenerative Agriculture Alliance director, Lorraine Gordon, says the roadmap will deliver a strategic direction for this important industry.

“We are excited to be working with ANZBIG as they launch the Biochar 2030 Roadmap,” she said.

“We truly believe biochar can make a huge difference on farms and revolutionise the future of the agriculture sector as we look to reduce emissions.”

In welcoming the Alliance on board, ANZBIG chief executive officer, Don Coyne, said: “Biochar in regenerative agriculture can help sequester significant amounts of carbon at profit to land entrepreneurs, assisting Australia to reach its net zero ambitions.”

Support biochar’s future

You can be part of this momentous journey.

The Biochar 2030 Roadmap will be launched in The Great Hall at Parliament House Canberra on June 23. Visit the website to book your tickets.

For more information about ANZBIG and biochar, visit the website.

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