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How we started

Farming Together was born through the Farm Co-operatives and Collaboration Pilot Program, a $15 million program funded by the Australian Commonwealth Government. The Program fostered innovative, collaborative models such as co-operatives to help farmer, fishing and forestry groups tackle supply chain issues, drought and climate change, and deliver triple bottom line benefits including improved farm gate returns. In doing so, Farming Together flipped the traditional university and industry partnership approach by placing the farmer as the primary partner, realising unique results.


Our Purpose

Backed by Southern Cross University, one of Australia’s leading regional universities, and funded by the Australian Commonwealth Government, Farming Together offers a wide variety of services to grow agricultural communities through collaboration. The program was also the engine room that drove the Regenerative Agriculture Alliance (RAA). The team is on a mission to create large-scale impact by helping the agri-food sector move towards regenerative farming practices and wholistic land management. Our national goal is improved soil quality, farm productivity, food quality, biodiversity and climate mitigation outcomes.

With an extensive network of over 30,000 primary producers, researchers, consultants and stakeholders across Australia, we can connect you with industry, university and government, to create impact. We have award winning expertise in designing, planning, and delivering innovative collaborative projects that address the social, environmental and economic challenges faced by Australian rural and regional communities. Through collaboration, we build capacity. As expert knowledge brokers, we are passionate about keeping you informed. We know the power of storytelling and share the stories of farmers so that others can learn first hand from their experiences. Our knowledge broking capacity extends to translation of leading news and research into accessible information and resources.

Our multi-disciplined, agile team adopts critical and creative thinking techniques along with a genuine interest in people to help you solve complex problems and be empowered to lead change. Whatever your needs, we can develop a program to suit you.

As shown on the ‘Our Work’ page, we provide the highest quality advisory and research services as well as collaborative business and research solutions, regenerative agriculture, rural and regional community-based initiatives, and network mapping and analysis.

Through our sister organisation the Regenerative Agriculture Alliance we have access to best-practice leaders in regenerative agriculture and carbon farming. We have worked extensively with government and other partners across the federal, state and local levels with proven, highly successful results.

We translate research into practice to develop tailored educational resources for farmers, researchers and government. Many of these farmers resources are showcased on our website through case studies, fact sheets, tools, webinars, videos and podcasts developed with farmers for farmers.

We know that collaboration delivers powerful solutions but also presents challenges. Farming Together are expert facilitators and can assist you and your group in all aspects of successful collaboration. This includes negotiation, project delivery, leadership, identifying the right collaborative model for your business, research project, or other initiatives. Our expert facilitation skills can be utilised to successfully host your workshop drawing on the expertise of our team or reaching out to our extensive network to find the right expert for you.

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