1 July 2020 8:15pm AEST

Speakers: Stuart Crosthwaite, Sean Cole, Mark Kebbell, Melina Morrison

Why do some co-operatives succeed while others fail? Panel discussion.

A webinar in the series, Co-operative Conversations hosted by Pete Lewis

AIRDATE: 1 July 2020 8:15PM AEST (approx 60 mins)

This discussion hosted by Pete Lewis, explores the reasons behind why some co-operatives go from strength to strength and others do not make it beyond start-up. Enjoy this interactive Q&A session through the Co-operative Conversations website.

Watch the full episode at Co-operative Conversations

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The panel of experts includes:

  • Stuart Crosthwaite, Chairperson, Mountain Milk
  • Sean Cole, Chief Executive Officer, CCW Cooperative Ltd
  • Mark Kebbell, Executive Officer, Dairy Farmers Milk Co-Operative
  • Melina Morrison, Chief Executive Officer, BCCM