Lesson 3: Value for members, member engagement, the business plan and disclosure statement

As part of our commitment to providing opportunities for free education about collaborative farming, we present the third video lesson in our suite of online learning resources and tools.

In lesson 3, you will learn about the critical importance of value for members and member engagement in establishing your co-operative. Without your members, there is no co-op. Members need to know that their interests drive the co-op business. As such, it is important to engage regularly, communicate clearly and respectfully with all co-op members. The process of strategically planning for value for members and member engagement  begins with a member value proposition which is a clear statement of mutual benefit. It outlines what’s in it for members, and what they contribute in return. It is a dynamic document that is reviewed and includes feedback from members. This lesson further explores the process to draft an effective business and operations plan and disclosure statement.

Are you looking for a Co-operative Business Plan template? You can download a copy of the Co-operative Business Plan template that was developed as part of the Co-operatives Manual with the Co-op Federation.

To find out more about value for members, member engagement, the business plan and disclosure statement, watch video lesson 3! We hope you enjoy this Farming Together tool as part of your learning.

The Farming Together video lessons were produced with funding from the Australian Government Department of Agriculture, Water and the Environment. The videos provide insight and education about collaborative farming, including co-operatives. Farming Together have worked with co-operatives, farming and educational experts to ensure that we have the most relevant and up-to-date information to keep you informed.

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