Thursday, December 10 2020, 7-8pm

Speakers: Alan Beattie, Madeline Anderson

Indigenous Collaborative Farming

The Noongar Land Enterprise (NLE) Group is a not-for-profit, Aboriginal led grower group. In this webinar Alan, the CEO of NLE and Madeline (NLE board member and farmer) discuss the NLE approach for supporting indigenous farmers working together to grow together in business. The NLE collaborative business model is inspiring and would be an approach others could adopt. It puts people and culture at the heart of the business.

Topics include:

  • history of the formation of the NLE,
  • explanation of the approach NLE adopted in formation,
  • the ways that NLE has organised itself to be a leading grower group in the country,
  • the values, mission and vision for NLE,
  • the NLE business model,
  • a story from one of the grower groups: Beemurra,
  • and more!

Transcript: Indigenous Collaborative Farming Webinar


Alan Beattie

Alan is the CEO of the Noongar Land Enterprise Group (NLE). Alan is a recognised industry leader, having held a number of senior roles in Government, the Not for Profit and private sector since 1997. In 2013 Alan was awarded the Asia Pacific Enterprise Corporation (AP-EC) Asia Pacific Enterprise Leadership Awards (APELA) Social Service Award. The Noongar people formed the Noongar Land Enterprise Group (NLE) to capitalise on its collective power through information exchange, representation and business development pathways. This presentation will provide an insight into how NLE was established and how it is creating economic opportunities for indigenous Australians on Noongar land alongside social and cultural growth.

Madeline Anderson

Madeline Anderson is a Yued descendant born in Whaduk country. Since 2016 she has been a board member of Beemurra Aboriginal Corporation and recently appointed board member of Noongar Land Enterprise. Madeline plays a key role in Beemurra as the business manager and endeavours towards growing the business. Her career background in the past 10 years has been hugely focused in aboriginal policy development and wellbeing services across the government sector. After returning back to her grandmother’s country 2 years ago, she has been progressing towards a better understanding of the cattle business, employment opportunities in her community and learning about sustainable ways in caring for country (regenerating soils).