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Must Know - Reports
Business Models of Grower Groups

Farming Together Consultants – Approved Consultant biographies

Australian governments and co-operative business support

This report primarily investigates the inclusion or otherwise, of information about co-operatives on government websites relating to business development, and the inclusion of co-operatives in the criteria for funding programs for business development.

Business Council of Co-ops and Mutuals

Australian Senate Report 2015

Cooperative, mutual & member-owned firms

Australian Senate Report 2015

How to start a co-operative

Co-operative Farming

To assist the growth and development of co-operatives, we have established a ‘how to guide’ which provides an overview of the key steps, as well as provides a repository of reports, journal articles and websites.
Co-operatives in Australia

A manual on governance and co-op types
Understand Intellectual Property

The Australian IP Toolkit for Collaboration (the IP Toolkit) assists businesses, researchers and research organisations with their collaborations. It is designed to simplify and improve the use and management of what is often one of the most valuable outputs of collaboration, intellectual property (IP).

 Understanding Intellectual Property

Comparing companies and co-ops

A presentation by Robyn Donnelly

Comparing companies and co-ops

Key Lessons in Collaborative Farming

Collaborate to survive and thrive

Collaborative farming