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1. How do I access the Program?

In keeping with the White Paper’s focus on supporting farmers at a grassroots level, the program has been developed to support you to access information and resources in a flexible, responsive and customised way.You can nominate the level and type of support you require, as well as the capacity to access expert advice and support to assist you to work through options and opportunities. This will allow you to to ‘test the waters’ without committing to a pre-determined outcome.

3. What if we don't agree with the decision made as a result of completing the diagnostic process?

You can put your concerns in writing to the Program Management and Delivery Team. These can be sent to

5. How safe is the personal and/or business information provided to the Program?

Southern Cross University has created a privacy statement to demonstrate its firm commitment to the protection of privacy and personal information under the Privacy and Personal Information Protection Act 1998 (NSW) in relation to the operation of this website. Details regarding policy may be viewed at

In addition, any information you provide when submitting information to the Program is also protected under the Personal Information Protection Act1998 (NSW). Details regarding the operation of this Act are contained in the Southern Cross University Privacy Management Plan and may be viewed Here

2. What happens once I've completed the self assessment?

During the diagnostic process, your eligibility will be established.

Part 1 of the diagnostic process is the self assessment which is completed online.

Part 2 aims to identify what kind of support you need, if the Program can provide this.

Once it is established that the Program can indeed support you, you will receive notification on how to access the support being offered.

4. What if our circumstances change, do we need to notify anyone?

Yes, you will need advise the Program Management and Delivery team. Please send an email to

6. Can we find out who is accessing the Program?

Yes, the full list is provided on this website. Click here