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Win for the fin: Fair Fish scores innovation award

15 August 2018: Farming Together is celebrating with Fair Fish South Australia its win in Australia’s foremost food industry awards. The community-supported fishery model won the Outstanding Innovation trophy at the delicious magazine awards in Sydney on August 13....

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Sweet success for Kakadu plum project

10 August 2018: Farming Together celebrates the future of the Kakadu plum industry with news that one of its projects has been named a major partner in a $2.7m research initiative. Kindred Spirits Enterprises - Traditional Homeland Enterprises is among the groups...

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Bio-farming forum gets down to ground-level

25 July 2018: Get down to ground-level with compost and biological fertilisers, cover crops and integrated pest management at the annual Australian Biological Farming Conference in November. Learn how to enhance soil health, sequester carbon, curb chemical use and...

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Garlic co-op’s home-grown QA guide

19 July 2018: Australia’s garlic industry has developed an Australian-first quality framework – a legacy of the successful Farming Together program. A co-op of 30 garlic growers from Braidwood, NSW developed the framework as part of the $60,000 funded project. The...

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Oysters meet the market with new finance plan

18 July 2018: NSW oyster farmers are anticipating greater investment into their industry with the release next week of a financial strategy, supported by the Farming Together program. The strategy has been endorsed by Ocean Watch and the NSW Farmers Oyster Committee,...

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Five-fold return on investment for macca group

9 July 2018: A group of northern NSW farmers has converted a $30,250 grant into a $1.5m investment in less than 12 months, and has projected a $50m investment over the next five years. The floodplain growers are planning to convert their northern NSW floodplain farms...

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Celebrate July 7 … International Day of Co-operatives!

6 July 2018: The national Farming Together program has worked with 180 co-operatives in less than a year … possibly the fastest uptake of the business model in Australian farming history. The two-year program helped establish ‘baby’ co-ops as well as strengthen...

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Launch for home-grown farm mutual

5 July 2018: Australia’s first farmer-grown mutual fund has appointed its inaugural advisory committee and announced its project partners, supported by Farming Together. An Australian Government-backed program, Farming Together helped establish Farmers Mutual Ltd...

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Farming Together data group adds up for beef farmers

4 July 2018: A beef benchmarking group supported by Farming Together has attracted 50% more participants for its second year of data collection. The HBC beef group project is collecting data from NSW beef farms, seeking a 10% production lift that facilitator Bill...

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