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Small-farm foresters seek growth in direct sales

6 June 2018: Boutique timber growers in Victoria are calling for renovators, architects and builders to contact them directly to source premium woods. Farm Forestry Growers Victoria (FFGV) is a volunteer group (pictured below) of about 30 farm tree growers across the...

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Research thirst drives olive oil first

5 June 2018: Australian researchers have identified different components in olive oils grown in two mainland states, giving growers new ways to market their product. The findings, part of a project funded by the successful Farming Together program, could lead to a...

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Fungal fingerprint uncovered in chestnut study

4 June 2018: Scientists have discovered a fungal fingerprint for a disease that cost Australia’s chestnut industry more than $5m in 2016. Investigations funded by Farming Together saw CSIRO scientists discovering chemical markers for nut rot, which is internal and...

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Technology turns the tide for first online fish auction

30 May 2018: Australia’s first online fish auction will be held next month, funded by the successful Farming Together program. Disruptive technology that cuts out several layers of handling will see fish going direct from boat to market. Coffs Harbour Fishermen’s...

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Farming Together helps co-op launch flavoured milks

21 May 2018: NSW consumers now have a wider choice of flavoured milks with farmer-owned Berry Rural Co-op expanding its product range, backed by Farming Together. The six dairy farm-co-op this week releases its first range of full-cream, full-flavoured milks in...

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Co-ops a ‘muster-have’ for Australian farmers

17 May 2018: The national Farming Together program has fostered 180 co-operatives in less than a year, with NSW proving the most-ready to adopt the business model. The two-year program is helping establish ‘baby’ co-ops as well as strengthen existing groups among...

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Rare berry for trans-Pacific exports

8 May 2018: Victorian berry growers have launched export sales of a niche product, with help from the national Farming Together program. Y.V. Fresh has exported Red Bayberries to discerning diners on the other side of the Pacific Ocean. Rarely grown outside of Asia,...

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Alpaca breeders flock for market growth

1 May 2018: Alpaca breeders from across NSW are combining efforts to build a marketplace for their premium fibre products, assisted by Farming Together. The Australian Government-backed program has been helping the 16-member Alpaca Breeders Collection since it was...

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Dairy farmer co-op brings back the milkman

27 April 2018: Mackay and  Rockhampton residents will soon receive home-delivered milk, as Queensland’s new farmer-owned co-operative extends its operations. Fresh local milk is already sold by independent supermarkets and retail outlets from Bowen to Biggenden under...

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