Thursday, July 8 2020, 8:15pm AEST

Speakers: Karen Andrews, Larry McHugh, Matt Rutter, Simon Stahl, Michael Hampson, and Melina Morrison

How co-operatives add value

Enjoy this teaser with Michael Hampson, CEO, Norco Co-op. An excerpt from a webinar in the series, Co-operative Conversations hosted by Pete Lewis

AIRDATE: 8 July 2020 8:15PM AEST (approx 60 mins)

In this webinar, the expert panel dissects the workings of some of Australia’s leading agricultural co-ops to discover how they maximise produce and the supply chain. Join renowned agricultural journalist Pete Lewis and the expert panel to find out how a co-operative can support your farming business to become a price maker instead of a price taker.

Watch the full episode at Co-operative Conversations

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The expert panel includes:

  • The Hon. Karen Andrews, MP, Minister for Industry, Science and Technology
  • Larry McHugh, Chief Executive Officer, Marquis Macadamias
  • Matt Rutter, Chief Executive Officer, Geraldton Fishermen’s Co-operative Ltd
  • Simon Stahl, Chief Executive Officer, Northern Co-operative Meat Company Ltd
  • Michael Hampson, Chief Executive Officer, Norco Co-operative Ltd
  • Melina Morrison, Chief Executive officer, BCCM