September 1st, 2020

Speakers: Lorraine Gordon, Sam Trethewey, Matthew Warnken

Future of Farming: Intro to Carbon Farming

Enjoy this webinar from the series by AgriWebb hosted by AgriWebb’s John Fargher.

AIRDATE: 1st September 2020

Have you ever considered thinking outside the box for your collaborative farming venture? New innovations do not always mean the use of technology and considering alternative ways of operating our farming businesses in the current environmental and economic climate are imperative for future farm and planetary health. Carbon Farming is one such solution and is a hot topic in agriculture in current times.

Listen to speakers Lorraine Gordon (Farming Together and Regenerative Agriculture Alliance), Sam Trethewey (Tas Ag Co) and Matthew Warnken (Agriprove) as they discuss the future of farming from a Carbon Farming perspective.



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Lorraine Gordon (Farming Together, Regenerative Agriculture Alliance, Southern Cross University)

Lorraine is the founder of the National Regenerative Agriculture Alliance based out of Southern Cross University. As Director of Strategic Projects at Southern Cross University and Associate Director of the University’s Centre for Organic Research, Lorraine acts as a conduit between industry and research, delivering sustainable and regenerative agriculture solutions nationally. She has assisted over 28,500 farmers, fishers and foresters around the country to progress collaborative projects and establish co-operatives which will benefit their various industries as Director of the Commonwealth Government’s Farming Together Program. Lorraine was awarded the 2018 Rural Community Leader of the Year for Australia for her work with farmers, the 2019 Australian Financial Review Award and the 2019 BHERT Higher Education Engagement Award. Lorraine is a carbon farmer and holistic beef cattle trader at Ebor in the New England Tablelands of NSW, where she uses timed control grazing methods to turn off up to 1000 steers per annum. She is also Director of Moffat Falls Pty Ltd and Yaraandoo which operates a number of successful tourism businesses in the New England Tablelands.

Sam Trethewey (Tas Ag Co)

Sam Trethewey is a third generation Tasmanian farmer and entrepreneur who spent 15+ years working on farms and across cities in the startup, agtech and agribusiness space. Alongside his wife Steph and new addition Elliot, they run Tas Ag Co. Steph grew up in Sydney and spent most of her career working as a television journalist across the country for Channel 7 and Channel 9.

With a joint passion for food, provenance and the environment, together, they launched Tas Ag Co to produce a unique eating experience for consumers and to challenge the food industry to do better.

Matthew Warnken (Agriprove)

Matthew Warnken is founder and Managing Director of AgriProve, Australia’s first one-stop-shop for soil carbon under the Emissions Reduction Fund.

Matthew has formal training in natural resource management and gained undergraduate qualifications in Arts and Science from the Australian National University. He has a Masters of Engineering Research from the University of Sydney, and a business Masters in early stage commercialisation from the University of Adelaide. Matthew has been at the forefront of emissions trading and carbon credit origination in Australia, taking Corporate Carbon from a start up to Australia’s largest multi-sector project aggregator – and the first to have soil carbon credits issued under the ERF. AgriProve is a special purpose vehicle established by Corporate Carbon to provide soil carbon participation solutions.

Matthew is a approved advisor under the Queensland Carbon Farming Advice Rebate Program – Accreditation Number 15660.