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About The Program

Pilot Project Projects

Australia-wide, more than 320 groups harvested the benefits of expert support and farmer group project funding.
Expert Support applications are now closed.

Expert Support – access to immediate assistance

Farming Together has two funding streams. All Farming Together projects come first to the Expert Support stream where we provide access to consultants who assist with business planning, strategy, legal entity establishment and feasibility analysis. Then, a group may need project help with supply chain integration, marketing, web development, networking and membership drives, workshop facilitation, or specialist services within an industry – such as risk analysis or on-farm processing.

Farming Together has delivered hundreds of hours of consulting expertise to help our projects achieve better farm gate returns and stronger collaboration.


Expert Support applications are now CLOSED.

Farmer Group Projects – funding


Applications received in Round 1 (Feb-March 2017). Decisions were made in June 2017 and these projects are now progressing.

220 invited to apply

66 applications received for round 2. Decisions expected in September, 2017.

Funding Guidelines

Review the guidelines.



Farmer Group Projects is a competitive funding component of the Farm Co-operative and Collaboration pilot program which will assist eligible groups of farmers to implement collaborative business arrangements. Applicants who have come through the program’s needs assessment process and been allocated Expert Support services are eligible to apply.

All farmer group projects are required to form a legal entity to accept funds.
Find out more about Business Structure Basics.

Funding will be provided to projects that have the potential to:

• facilitate knowledge sharing and legacy beyond the Pilot Program
• demonstrate significant scope and scale of on-farm impacts
• create transferable outputs that address identified needs of farmers and groups
• help provide momentum and strategic support to boost the confidence of other farmer groups to adopt a collaborative business approach
• assist farmer groups to overcome barriers experienced in seeking to make change
• form regional and cross-jurisdictional networks.