8 July 2020 6:30pm AEST

Speaker: Larry McHugh

A fine nut to crack: Marquis Macadamias story

A webinar in the series, Co-operative Conversations hosted by Pete Lewis

AIRDATE: 8 July 2020 6:30pm AEST (approx 30 mins)

This discussion hosted by Pete Lewis, engages with Larry McHugh, CEO of Marquis Macademias – an unarguably successful co-operative. Enjoy this interactive Q&A session through the Co-operative Conversations website.

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Larry McHugh, Chief Executive Officer of Marquis Macadamias

Larry has over 28 years’ experience in the macadamia industry. Prior seven years spent as the first General Manager Macadamia Marketing International. Joined MPC in 1992 working in various roles including factory management, factory design and engineering, quality management and operations management. Larry has a Degree in Mechanical Engineering.